Kevin Huff

Kevin is a believer (1978), husband (1992), and dad (2001,2004, 2006). He has spent the last 12 years on the board for Cornerstone and recently (Jan 2021) assumed the role of President for the organization. Although Kevin is not a pastor, he has a huge heart for those who serve in ministerial roles. Kevin bring a wealth of business experience to Cornerstone, having spent the past 15 years in executive roles including CEO and COO titles at a couple smaller, successfully grown and sold, companies.

Kevin has spent most of his life in and around the local church and counts it a blessing that many of his closest friends are in pastoral roles today. Kevin would explain his role this way: Push our team to understand what’s on a pastor’s mind and equip the team to serve, while personally staying out of their way to do so!

Kevin has been married to Skye since 1992 and they have 3 children two of which are at home in Indiana, one of which is at home with the LORD. Kevin is an avid pickleball player and loves to hunt, fish, camp, and travel.