Pastor Brian Thompson

Pastor Brian has been the Lead Pastor of Purpose Church, located in Firestone, CO, since 2006. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from APU and has over 25 years in ministry experience. He worked in his previous church as a Director of Music, Director of Adult Ministries, Associate Pastor of Congregational Life and led a traveling youth choir called Upward Bound, for many years. He has also been a law enforcement officer in 2 different jurisdictions in Colorado and served as the Lead Chaplain and a part time Deputy for the Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado. He has significant training and experience in Critical Incident Stress Management and taught Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement for several years in the ACSO Academy. He has been a follower of Jesus since 1978.

Pastor Brian is no stranger to the rigors, joys, and “ups and downs” of ministry. While he has struggled through depression several times and has experienced significant pain and loss in most arenas of his life, particularly in ministry, he has learned the joy, peace and security that come from staying close to the Lord through all of it. Soul Care is his passion personally and for pastors and their families. Believing Soul Care is the most critical practice we maintain throughout our life, he is committed to sharing it and walking with others through their journeys to see them grow more deeply in their love for, and trust in, the Lord. He joined the CPN team January of 2021 as the Soul Care Pastor to pastors and their families.

Pastor Brian has been married to Kimberly since 1995, and they have 11 children. He loves to hunt, fish, camp, scuba dive, spearfish, and travel. Above all, his greatest joy and pursuit in life is the Lord – through prayer, the Word of God and experiencing His glory in creation.